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23 May 2007 @ 08:18 pm
Due to my illnesses, I'm sorry to have the schoolyear wrap up without having done anything.

But from what we have done, your overall attitude is filed into the grade, resulting in:

List of A's:
-Chuu [A+]
-Rinku [A-]
-Yukimura Keiko [A]
-Minamino Shuuichi [A+]

List of B's:
-Botan [B-]
-Genkai [B-]
-Shura [B]
-Raikou [B]
-Jin [B]
-Yukina [B+]

List of C's:
-Shishiwakamaru [C-]
-Suzuki [C-]
-Urameshi Yuusuke [C]

List of F's:
-Kuwabara Kazuma
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28 April 2007 @ 12:23 am
List of A's:

List of B's:
-Yukimura Keiko
-Urameshi Yuusuke

List of C's:
-Minamino Shuuichi

List of F's:
-Kuwabara Kazuma


-Kiyoshi Mitarai

The latter two have the option of creating their doll for extra credit, but otherwise will not need to participate in this production.

The F's must create a form of doll with all due speed, lest not only will they not be able to participate in this production, but will also be required to serve a week's detention with yours truly.

The assignment required something beneath the surface to arise in the appearance of the doll.

In most, I found only that you recreated what I could plainly see waltzing in the corridors.

Tsk, tsk!

You children cannot read!

A doll in requisite for this assignment.

I want to point out three assignments in particular---

Your 'doll' was intimidating. Hoo, creative, boy. Strange. But creative. And yet it was still a doll. It had hair and a face and personality. And told me something about you. Many things, if I can read a can of alcohol well. "As real as it gets." Hehee!

Hoohoo! What an outstanding project! You have bested everyone due to your talent. In the doll, I saw you, yet a beast. A miniaturised fiend, perhaps representing your pull-trigger temper? Hehehe! Excellent.

Minamino Shuuichi.
Is a rose a rose by any other name? You definitely thought outside the box, yet I could see no resemblence save for colour. Perhaps you might have been an A in this, had you turned in a little something to justify your choice, reasoning. Hooh, so sorry to say, I di not understand. Such is your lapse, boy! It is your option to re-do this project or not, as a rose is not quite suiting. Hoh, so sorry.

Which brings me to my current production.

Corbin-sensei, Toppy-sensei, and I, Jiro-sensei, for those who have forgotten my name, are collaborating! Ho ho!

With your dolls. You will create a dramatic production. It is a classwide production, so do not sweat. Amongst your peers, you are welcome! Hoohoo!

As to your stage, perhaps check Toppy-sensei's journal.

As to your script, perhaps check Corbin-sensei's journal.

Improvement on dolls is optional. Grades cannot be changed, but can be increased on this upcoming production. Ask me for further details.

I will be awaiting answers from Kiyoshi, Raikou, and Shura!~

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21 April 2007 @ 12:51 am

Do not fear, children, Jiro-sensei is alive. Hohoho, not by much!

Be careful and cling to grace and youth.

Collect your dolls from the auditorium stage. Get in the mood for dramatics. Renovate your dolls. Those that do not resemble you, such as... I believe there was a rose... Please construct a doll. It will be requisite for this project.

Think on relationships.

Think of expressing yourself.

Do not wear short skirts, girls, this next week. We will all be sitting on the floor.

Report to class on time. Hoohoo... This is going to be interesting!
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08 January 2007 @ 04:32 pm
For the analysis project mentioned previously, we will be creating: dolls.

The dolls will represent the most important aspects of yourself:

-Your internal attitude; persona
-What makes you you; your sense of style
-Your mindset; attitude, mood
-Any relationships, important facts, etcetera, that you can incorporate into your doll.

Accessories welcome!

Along with this doll, I will expect a short essay describing it, yourself, and your experiences in the theatre atmosphere. What you think your acting extent could be.

Due by Saint Valentine's Day, at the very latest.

[OOC: As to the dolls, if you wish, you could literally make it yourself. Whatever floats your cheerio. Otherwise, it could be appreciated if perhaps you could draw a picture of what you think it might look like in MSPaint or something of the like. However you would like to present it is your choice.

The essay would be nice, but it is not requisite.

At no point do I wish for these taks to be considered a hassle or a job; I try to make them fun, and not burdensome. If you do not have time or do not wish to do it, then, naturally; don't.

Otherwise, I honestly hope you'll have as much fun with this as I will! :D]
08 January 2007 @ 04:25 pm
I have returned from the hospital.

I'm not so young like you all are anymore! It is my second home there! Hoho!

I have decided to do an analysis project. We will conduct it in class; to see what you are like, how to cast you, what your abilities are limited to... and everything in between.

And after that. We will conduct a school play! Be so excited! Heeheehee!

Looking forward to our class time!

--- Jiro-san
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17 October 2006 @ 08:59 am
Halloa, young students!

My apologies, my very deepest ones! For being so late in greeting you. My name is Jiro-san, and I will be your drama teacher for this fine year at Sarayashiki! You must excuse some of my old difficulties... we're of quite different generations, and my mind, and body, are not as they used to be. I'm sure, though! Hohoh, that these difficulties will not prohibit or limit our learning relationship... or... hoho, fun! I'm looking forward to our class this week... We will begin our fun then!

Yours sincerely,

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